Scrum in 2h 13.03.2019 in Cologne


This info event is about Scrum as a framework. The goal of the course is to get a shared understanding of agile methods like Scrum are and when they can be used and how it can help organizations to become more effective and efficient.

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Scrum in 2h
13.03.2019 in Cologne
Max. Participants: 12
Language: German
Course times: 17:30 - 19:30


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Afagh is a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a Certified ScrumMaster with over 5 years of experience as a ScrumMaster and Scrum Team member in various software and non-software projects. In addition, she is also a Certified LeSS Practitioner. Afagh conducts Scrum Compact Workshops, Kanban Workshops and Scrum Retrospective Workshops.


Scrum is an agile method that enables teams and whole organizations to develop products and services much faster and more efficiently. Scrum helps teams in their self-organization and to improve their processes and products continuously. Scrum can be applied to the development of every kind of product or service. Scrum is easy to learn, however, some discipline is required in order to be successful. Main topics of the course

  • What is Scrum?
  • Why Scrum?
  • Where can Scrum be applied?

Our team will provide the participants with snacks and drinks.


Location: Scrum Akademie
Oststraße 11-13
50996 Cologne

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Afagh Zadeh
+49 (0) 170 123 33 58 ‬

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Scrum in 2h

13.03.2019 in Cologne
Trainer: Afagh Zadeh
Language: German


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