Agile Leadership in 2h 19.03.2019 in Cologne


While Teams implement Scrum, Kanban or other frameworks, leaders enable organizational agility through modeling and living the agile principles. Our Certified Agile Leadership workshop and this info event are focused on the leader’s ability to foster agility in their own behaviors and across their organization. Agile Leadership builds the foundation for leadership self-awareness to create engaged, empowered and high-performing agile organizations.

Within 2 hours we will provide you with the essential principles of leading teams and ultimately  organizations towards becoming agile i.e. living the agile values and principles. We will not share an easy to implement blueprint with you, but dig deep into the hard, but necessary things leaders have to do to enable organizational agility.

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Agile Leadership in 2h
19.03.2019 in Cologne
Max. Participants: 16
Language: German
Course times: 17:30 - 19:30


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Sohrab is the Managing Partner of Agilar focused on the German speaking market and the Middle East. He devotes himself to the systematic development of existing and new business areas as well as the development of concrete business models and implementation strategies. As a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) he has been substantially involved in the agile transformation of several customer companies. With his trainings he supports organizations in becoming more agile and building a foundation for innovation.

Agile Leaders…

  • Communicate a clear vision, align employees to that vision, and allow for adaptation in execution toward that vision – recognizing that most discovery and learning occur during execution.

  • Improve decision making, team collaboration and business outcomes when operating in highly complex, uncertain, inter-dependent and rapidly changing environments.

  • Increase employee satisfaction, engagement and creativity through catalyst behaviors – reducing employee turnover and developing employee ownership, collaboration and productivity.

  • Diversify risk through identifying and testing assumptions, experimenting with new approaches, collaborating with customers, and seeking feedback earlier and more frequently.

  • Foster organizational adaptivity enabling them to more effectively break down traditional silos, collaborate to solve difficult problems and better align toward corporate goals and customer needs.

  • Improve outcomes through balancing short-term business results with long-term organizational health to enable early and frequent value delivery combined with sustained growth.

  • Catalyze change, experiment with new ideas, and a foster a growth-mindset within their organizations to adapt to the changing economy, technology and the market.

We cover all these topics in our 2-day Certified Agile Leadership Workshop. This 2 hour info event focuses primarily on the forces behind agile principles and practices, i.e. the context of agility, and lays out a brief history of management models over time.

Based on that, we share an overview of the Leadership Agility Model as a helpful way to lead not only agile teams, but create organizational agility.

Last but not least we briefly (it is only 2 hours after all) cover a leader’s journey from Expert to Achiever to Catalyst, talking about habits and choices leaders have.

After this info event you will not be Agile Leaders ;-) But hopefully our input and the discussions clarify some of the questions you are dealing with right now as a leader and result in higher awareness for the topic of agility and spark the fire in you to start your own Agile Leadership Journey.


Our Scrum Academy Agile Leadership in 2h info events will be conducted by Sohrab Salimi in both English and German - please read the individual event description carefully to pick the right language. Some sessions will be face to face in our Scrum Academy in Cologne. Others will be online so that participants from all over the world can participate.

The trainer

Sohrab is the first and only European trainer/coach who is both a Certified Agile Leadership Educator by the Scrum Alliance and a Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach. Based on his work with many, many leaders from a wide range of industries and geographies he shares a lot of (funny and not so funny) stories throughout his Certified Agile Leadership workshops and this info event.

Next step

Already now or after attending the info event the next step on your path to become a great leader is the Certified Agile Leader certification, which you can receive after attending one of our Certified Agile Leadership trainings.


Location: Scrum Akademie
Oststraße 11-13
50996 Cologne

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Agile Leadership in 2h

19.03.2019 in Cologne
Trainer: Sohrab Salimi
Language: German


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