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In addition to our Certified Scrum Product Owner® and Certified Scrum Master® courses we also offer other agile-related trainings.

In most cases, these courses don’t include a certification, but can be a good introduction to the agile world or can be seen as a preliminary step to a later certification. Our trainings are not only relevant for software development, but also for many other business areas.

In regular intervals we offer “Scrum in a nutshell” and “Retrospectives in a nutshell” trainings as well as visualization workshops especially for Agile and Scrum or facilitation workshops.

Retrospective in a Nutshell ›

Retrospectives are essential for continuous improvement. What is a retrospective? How does it work? During this one-day workshop you will learn important theoretical basics about retrospectives and practice them based on case studies. More info

Trainings: Retrospective in a Nutshell
1 day
location Cologne
language German
Fully booked

Scrum in a Nutshell ›

Scrum is an agile way of working in order to develop products and services faster and more efficiently. Scrum helps teams to self-organize and to continuously improve the team itself, the processes and also the product. Scrum can be applied to every product and every service. Scrum is easy to learn, however, some discipline is required in order to be successful. More info

Trainings: Scrum in a Nutshell
1 day
location Cologne
language German
€549.0* €449,-*
Few seats

Outcome Delivery Practitioner ›

Outcome Delivery is the one-stop-shop for design thinking, lean startup, jobs-to-be-done and Agile delivery. It connects all the dots to create awesome experiences and the outcomes that matter. More info

Trainings: Outcome Delivery Practitioner
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Facilitation Workshop ›

Facilitation - perfect for keeping group discussions flexible and goal-oriented. Effective Facilitation helps guide conversations in different environments and with differents contexts. Good facilitation can be adapted to various situations: varying group sizes, unclear topics, difficult characters, misunderstandings, conflicts, disgressions, necessity of good documentation of results etc. More info

Trainings: Facilitation Workshop
Currently no dates available. Contact us if you are interested.

Visualization for Scrum ›

Nowadays, visualization in creative processes has become standard. Pictures help making communication easier and quicker. New associations can arise that would not have come up without the drawings. More info

Trainings: Visualization for Scrum
Currently no dates available. Contact us if you are interested.